Unlocking the Magic of Root Collaboration

Ever wondered about Root Collaboration? It's where contemporary art meets the flair of local and international artists. Here, they team up to weave the tale of clothing as an art form, creating pieces that are more than just garments—they're unique expressions.

Why Root Collaboration?

Root isn't just a brand; it's a concept aiming to make your wardrobe an extension of you. Regardless of gender, our goal is to spark a unique experience, blending identity, culture, and lifestyle. Root seamlessly integrates into your daily life, meticulously designing fabrics, immersing in tailoring, and ensuring top-notch quality. Each piece is exclusive, with no more than 15 units per style, making them truly exceptional.

The Essence

Imagine two visionaries in Argentina, dissatisfied with men's fashion offerings. Seeking innovation, freshness, minimalism, and artistic expression, they set out to redefine fashion, creating a brand that captures hearts and closets alike.

Discover More

Curious about Root Collaboration? Dive into the mystery on our website at shopatroot.com or visit our store at 1129 Ashford Avenue, Condado, Puerto Rico, 00907. Experience a touch that makes your wardrobe more than just clothing—it's a unique expression waiting to be discovered.